“Wellspring offers the opportunity for anyone to be engaged as they may choose to be.” — Anonymous “It involves kids!” — Francis B. “It’s a small friendly inclusive church that welcomes diversity.” — Janice B. “At Wellspring I find a place where I can participate in mission, seek social justice, experience diversity, and inclusivity, and explore progressive theology — everything I believe a church should be.” — George C. “Wellspring loves people, and even me! There is a place for everyone. Wellspring is a place where everyone’s ideas are welcomed, and the Spirit keeps us open to each other. The music is awe-some!” — Alice F. “Wellspring is a joyful, open, affirming congregation that provides people the opportunity to learn, grow, and serve.” — Michael M. “I L-O-V-E Wellspring because I am always welcomed with open arms as I am, through laughter and tears, celebrations, difficult challenges, and sad times.” — Laurel P. “I came, I saw, I keep on coming back! Great church! Great people!” — Mark W.