Wellspring UCC Happenings
Centreville VA
April 23, 2023  
Virtual Bilingual (Spanish-English) Worship, livestreaming
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Preacher: Pastor Juan David Rocha from Ibague, Colombia
Sermon:  Where Do We Meet Christ Today?
Scripture, Luke 24: 13-35
Worship Leaders: Jill Satterfield (English); Axa Andres (Spanish) 
Musician: Emily Chen
Technology:  Josie Satterfield 

Did you miss worship on Easter Sunday? find the recording, Facebook link above
Sermon, Denise Kirkley-Cain:  It’s a Matter of Faith- Life Happens!
Scripture, John 20:1-18

*Coffee Hour follows worship each Sunday, either virtually (zoom) or in-person
             * Wednesday, April 26 – Living the Questions discussion of part III, The 1619 Project
join live or by zoom for the film and lively discussion. (LTQ meets most Wednesdays, in-person with zoom option.)
* Thursday, April 27, 7 pm: New Bible study, zoom, with Minister Myra Flemister
*Saturday, April 28, 3 pm: Climate Postcard Campaign Launch
Sunday, April 29, 10 am: Virtual worship with Minister Flemister preaching.

Call Wellspring 703-830-4194 for information about Wellspring events, or for a prayer request.

We pray for those ill or recovering, especially Denise, Heather, and Josie. 

We pray for our EARTH, which sustains us even as we damage it with pollutants and use of fossil fuels that damage air, water, plants, and animals.   We pray that those supporting increased use of fossil fuels, including large banks and institutions (JP Morgan-Chase, Citibank, Wells Fargo, Bank of America) will cease their large investments in fossil fuel development.   We pray that all will turn to wind-solar-water power, which together by 2030 will provide cheaper energy for the entire world.  We pray with hope for future generations!

We pray for those facing war and hunger.  We pray for peace in Ukraine.  We pray that our gifts will reach them even in these darkest times.  Give through the UCC Ukraine Relief Fund, and all money will go directly to those in need.  Click on the link the read about ways our gifts have been used, and to donate.  Donations are also welcome to earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria
Donations to One Great Hour of Sharing (see below) are being received this month, and these funds provide disaster relief to tornado victims in Mississippi and flood victims in Florida.

We pray for the victims of gun violence in Nashvill; Dadeville, Alabama; and many other areas:  share a message and prayer from leaders of the UCC, with a call for gun reform laws.  
We pray for our partners in Colombia, especially for Pastor David in Ibague and for our sister church in Zambrano.  We pray for the growth of real peace and Justice across Colombia. 

We pray for our UCC Global Ministries partners in Lebanon, people struggling to live each day with political and economic dysfunction and caught between powerful combative forces in the middle east.  This home of the great Cedars of Lebanon, the home of our Phoenician “alphabet” and the rich royal purple dye of the ancient world, today is searching for words of resurrection and hope. Our partners include the Armenian Evangelical Churches of the Middle East, the Evangelical Church of Beirut, Haigazian University and Near East School of Theology.

Contribute to the on-going work of Wellspring through Givelify!  
Help us to grow and share God’s message of welcome!  Wellspring is Open and Affirming of all, wherever we are on life’s journey.  We speak for God’s justice and love for God’s whole creation.  Our ministry is multi-racial, multi-ethnic and caring for all God’s children, through our prayers, offerings, and actions.  Continuing in April we will receive special contributions to One Great Hour of Sharing, the annual UCC offering that provides funding for people in need around the world. 

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